UAV Inspections

On-Demand Service

Take advantage of the latest in drone technology and FAA certified pilots for roof and property inspections.

Stay Safely on the Ground

Advantages of Geomni UAV Inspections

High resolution aerial imagery embedded in the tools you use everyday.



1. Service Area & Coverage

Whenever you order a Geomni UAV inspection, you access a nationwide network of licensed, FAA compliant drone pilots - trained in insurance inspections. Geomni UAV inspections are available throughout the US and Canada.


Speed of service

2. Speed of Service

We work to get the drones in the air fast. No more waiting for ladder assist or harness teams and manually measuring and inspecting a structure. Faster UAV inspections mean faster claims handling for you.



3. High-resolution Imagery

Crystal-clear, up-to-date imagery lets you inspect property and roof conditions without setting foot on the property or climbing on the roof.



Increase Your Post-CAT Efficiency

A quick response time is crucial in the aftermath of a natural catastrophe.

Expand your network of deployable resources through our extensive network of certified UAV pilots, and

capture the latest property condition after severe weather events such as wind and hail storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.


What's included

High-Resolution Imagery - Get baseline property images from Geomni's expansive imagery library, plus high-resolution images captured during your UAV inspection. Where applicable, use these images to compare the current condition of the roof and property with the historical condition previously captured by Geomni.


Geomni Data Package - All Geomni UAV inspections also include a comprehensive data package. Order your UAV inspection with Geomni Roof to get complete with roof dimensions, area, and slope, or order with a Geomni Property data package - get everything included with Geomni Roof, plus up to 30 additional data points. 


Complete Geomni Property data package

Baseline images from Geomni's vast image library

All roof measurements, area, and slope, 

property measurements, outbuildings, and more

See complete list

Fully Integrated

Imagery and data are most valuable when they can be directly incorporated into your workflow.

 House Measurements

Images, measurements, and data collected from your Geomni UAV inspection with data package
can be automatically uploaded into Xactimate — giving you a native Xactimate 3D Sketch model of the property.



Integration for Geomni imagery and data includes many products with the Verisk ecosystem


Check out Xactimate Integration

How It Works

Every pilot who conducts Geomni UAV Inspections is fully insured, and has obtained and maintaines a Part 107 license, complying with federal UAV pilot qualifications. In addition to traditional licensure, Geomni only allows experienced UAV pilots to conduct inspections. Pilots must meet rigorous standards to ensure image quality and mission flight safety.


Our pilots are trained to obtain imagery with the goal of helping adjusters and insurance professionals settle claims.
We take both overview and close-up photos to help spot hard-to-see damage like creased shingles and hail strikes.


You get access to both high-resolution and scaled down imagery for easy transfer.


A Geomni data package is included with every UAV Inspection. Get roof measurements, slope, and area, as well as wall,
opening, and detached structures measurement reports. This includes a 3D model and sketch for Xactimate.


We keep you up to date on inspection times. Need to arrange to remove a tarp?
You'll get an email a few days in advance of the flight.


How to Order

Using Xactimate or XactAnalysis

Order Online

 Learn More about ordering through Xactware Order Online at 


Already an Xactimate or XactAnalysis customer?
Contact your Xactware/Verisk Account Executive or Account Manager to learn more about using Geomni UAV Inspections.


Geomni Pricing

Roof - UAV inspections are $199 
(single structure residential) 


Property - UAV inspections are $249 (single structure residential property)

That includes the complete Geomni data package

For pricing on multi-structure, high-density residential, and large commercial buildings, Contact Us. 




The Geomni Guarantee

Geomni guarantees both the delivery timeframes and the overall quality of
the images, and we stand by the accuracy of our data packages.

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