Geomni Roof Data Packages

All the roof dimensions you need for fast estimate completion 


the data you need to quickly handle roof claims

More Than Just a Roof Report



Precise measurements are crucial. Geomni Roof data packages provide comprehensive roof data including all measurements, areas, dimensions, and slopes with unprecedented accuracy.

Going beyond the measurements – data packages include not only a pdf report but a precise Xactimate roof sketch and high-resolution images all seamlessly delivered into the Xactimate estimate.

is a Top Priority


Geomni Roof data packages are produced from high-quality aerial imagery and data - generally captured at the highest resolution available on the market today. We continue to invest in superior technology, and advance our technical capabilities and our proprietary data to source fresh imagery at an unprecedented scale.

Geomni products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will extend a full credit.

Estimate Combining Data and Imagery


Integrating imagery from satellites, aerial flyovers, UAVs, and mobile devices, Geomni triangulates multiple data sources to give you unparalleled imagery and data - helping you create estimates with the perfect mix of speed and accuracy

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Timesaving Benefits

Spend less time on roofs

Get more done in the office without stepping on a ladder. With Geomni Roof data in hand, you’ll have a 3D model of the roof and can have your Xactimate Sketch created for you – all from your desk. This is especially valuable when situations make it difficult to visit a property quickly.

Injury Prevention Stay on solid ground – evaluate and review roof measurements and characteristics without setting foot on a hazardous, steep, or fragile roof.
Virtually Inspect Damage from Your Office High-resolution aerial or UAV imagery can help you inspect roof conditions as well as identify hail hits or wind-damaged shingles even before arriving at the property.
Start Repairs Sooner Data packages can help you generate quicker estimates without the need to climb on the roof, helping repairs get started faster, and decreasing cycle times.

Integrated with Xactimate and XactAnalysis

Order Geomni with the tools you use every day.


Only Geomni seamlessly delivers comprehensive roof data directly into Xactimate in native Sketch format. The sketch includes a 3D model of the roof, including dimensions and slopes, and provides everything needed to calculate costs for shingles, underlayment, drip edge, sheathing, soffit and fascia, rain gutter, and more.

From there you can modify the data as needed. Plus, your data packages don't become obsolete when you make a small change, and they can be printed at any time.


Speed up your claims handling by setting automatic requests for Geomni Roof in XactAnalysis.

Right at first notice of loss (FNOL), automatic requests can be made in XactAnalysis for certain loss types, like wind or hail damage. Geomni Roof requests are made as soon as the assignment is created so the data package is returned to the user faster.


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How to Order

Order in Xactimate

Geomni Roof can be ordered in and delivered directly to Xactimate – speeding up your claims handling process.

Order in XactAnalysis

Geomni Roof can be ordered in XactAnalysis through automatic requests or on an assignment-by-assignment basis.

Order Online

Not using Xactimate or XactAnalysis? That’s okay, order Geomni imagery and data packages as you needed via the Geomni website.

Geomni Roof Pricing
Residential Geomni Roof $42 | Commercial Geomni Roof $65

No added fees | No subscription or advance reserve payment required | Geomni Roof comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Want to See the Whole Picture?

Upgrade to a Geomni Property data package for imagery and data of the entire property.

Learn more about Geomni Property

Get the high-resolution imagery and measurements included with Geomni Roof PLUS get the exterior dimensions of the building to see placement of windows and doors, and more, including:

  • Diagrams of any outbuildings
  • Decks and patios
  • Details of materials including the typical Xactimate price list codes
  • Measurements and quantities for squares of roofing
  • Square feet of siding
  • Lineal feet of rain gutters, valleys, and ridges
  • The location of lot lines
  • And more

View Geomni Property reports

Residential Property Sample
Commercial Property Sample

Need Eyes-on-site?

Request a Geomni UAV Inspection

Geomni UAV Inspection services allow you to deploy a licensed UAV (drone) pilot to capture the most current property imagery.
Learn about Geomni   UAV Inspections

The Most Expansive Coverage…
Just for You.

Geomni Roof data packages offer the best imagery and data available. Even when ideal high-resolution, oblique imagery is unavailable, Geomni is able to fill in the gaps with
Geomni Roof Essentials.

Geomni Roof Essentials

Geomni provides overhead imagery and measurements based on roof perimeter values and approximate roof pitch*. Geomni is able to provide lower resolution, top-down (orthogonal) imagery and roof dimensions for properties with less than perfect coverage – and still provide you with a 3D sketch in Xactimate.

* Roof pitch is approximate and should be verified by requestor.

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