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Receive aerial imagery, dimensions, and structure history for residential and commercial properties.

Give your work unprecedented accuracy with all exterior details and dimensions of a structure delivered directly into your Xactimate estimate.

Geomni Property data packages provide critical structural details, including material type, window locations, and property features.

Geomni Property - Residential Sample 
Geomni Property - Commercial Sample 

What’s Included in a Data Package?

With over 30 data points, Geomni Property data packages provide well beyond a traditional roofing report’s slope, roof squares, and dimensions. Geomni also includes critical property details, digital sketch, material identification and more.


High-resolution aerial imagery


Xactimate native digital sketch


Roof diagram/Sketch


Xactimate identified materials price list

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Some of the information available in a Geomni Property data package includes: High-resolution aerial imagery
Xactimate native digital sketch
Xactimate price list items for identified materials and components
Front door geocode location
Roof diagram / Sketch
All information included in a Geomni Property data package for the address
Roof slope
Roof area
Roof line measurements
Roof vent count
Roof HVAC count
Roof gutter length
Soffit and fascia length
Drip edge length
Ridge length
Valley length
Roof material analysis (e.g. shingle, shake, metal, tile, slate, or membrane)
Exterior wall diagram / Sketch
Exterior wall material analysis (e.g. brick, siding, stucco, or stone)
Exterior door count, size, and location
Garage door count, size, and location
Exterior window count, size, and location
Exterior HVAC count and location
Porch diagram / Sketch
Patio diagram / Sketch
Deck diagram / Sketch
Pergola diagram / Sketch
Shed diagram / Sketch
Barn diagram / Sketch
Pool house diagram / Sketch
Concrete flatwork diagram / Sketch
Tree canopy diagram / Sketch
Pool diagram / Sketch
Sports court diagram / Sketch
Structural features and locations (such as decks, chimneys, vents, skylights, and much more)
Satellite dish count and location
Skylight count, size, and location
Chimney count and location
Default square footage of living and nonliving space
Number of levels
Geomni's 100% quality guarantee
Geomni customer service and support

Geomni Property - Residential Sample 

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