Verisk Analytics, a 7,000+ employee publicly traded company, formed the Geomni business unit in early 2016, to specialize in airborne data acquisition, warehousing, and licensing.

Geomni’s focus is straightforward: Create, populate & maintain the leading 3D data warehouse asset, as measured by coverage, resolution, accuracy, timeliness, and ease-of-use, and best-value.

According to Todd A. Stennett, Geomni’s CxO, “Geomni has two primary customer groups. Internally, we serve Verisk Analytics Enterprise and their customers, and help maintain market leadership in all things geospatial on behalf of Insurance, Banking, Finance, and some O&G business. Externally, we work with and through mapping professionals, to help professional Photogrammetry, Surveying, and Mapping firms and departments (PSM’s) materially increase revenues & significantly reduce costs.” A graphic depiction at the bottom of this release provides further information, to help better understand how PSM’s fit, without channel conflict.

The data will be made available to qualified clients via an easy-to-order, aesthetically appealing and impactful G-Marketplace, if available “off-the-shelf.” Alternatively, custom on-demand new flight missions can be ordered up for nadir imagery, oblique imagery, LiDAR, and fused imagery/LiDAR collection efforts.

Acquiring Imagery and Data - Made Easy, Fast, and affordable

Achieving our mission for our internal customers has been creating extremely high volumes of:

  • QC’d and fully validated high resolution oblique and nadir imagery, typically at resolutions of 1.5” to 3” GSD.DEM data – From high-res LiDAR, and from the images, if desired. Most flight missions will be flown with fused imagery and LiDAR sensors.
  • DSM data
  • Fully validated metadata, including orientations (EO and IO), AGPS, and ground truthing via licensed professionals

In addition, we have a fully developed viewing and measuring tool, ready for PSM’s to brand as they choose, and help their end-user customers with superior alternatives in the oblique imagery markets.

Geospatial technologies

We Are Your Force In The Air

Verisk recently acquired a number of U.S.-based aerial survey companies and their aircraft fleets. The acquisitions included many considered to be legends of our industry, bringing our collective base to well over 2,000 person-years of in-house full-time experience, and still growing.

We’ve rolled up the US aerial data acquisition industry to ensure we have – nationally – some of the most experienced local-knowledge flight crew’s available, period. Many of our pilots have in excess of 5,000, 10,000, and even 30,000 flight hours as PIC. They know the local airspace and controllers, and have the experience and confidence to simply outperform less experienced pilots.

Highly experienced pilots with local knowledge can generally gain more support from Air Traffic Controllers, aiding the process of working in congested and controlled airspace, near large airports and metro areas.

Geomni will continue to move rapidly toward our goal to create the most efficient and largest private fleet of survey aircraft in the world, all equipped with the best remote sensing technology available. This group of talented professionals and aircraft is wholly focused on geospatial data acquisition. Fully implemented, the Geomni fleet includes more than 125 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Geomni will operate from 15 hubs strategically located throughout the United States.

Geomni’s high-tech and ultra-high-efficiency remote-sensing aircraft are capable of reaching any point in the continental U.S. within hours, reducing unit costs per sq. km to a fraction of what conventional survey aircraft are incurring.

Verisk expects to invest approximately $100 million across 2017 and 2018 in the Geomni capabilities and assets for remote sensing and imagery.


Our Imagery Library Does Not Charge Late Fees

Geomni’s vast baseline library of high-resolution imagery will continue to grow and receive regular updates with the massive volumes of imagery and data flowing in from ongoing operations. We’re moving rapidly to build the largest and highest quality database of North American imagery and high-resolution 3D data. Geomni imagery and data will drive and support uses in many markets including insurance, commercial property, energy, banking, architecture, engineering, emergency response, urban planning, and much more.


Geomni UAV (drone) Capabilities

Yes, the Geomni Mobile app allows anyone with a mobile device to capture ground images around a structure and easily upload UAV images directly into our system - from which we can produce highly accurate 3D property models. Qualified PSM’s are welcome to inquire. Geomni is committed to maintaining UAV capabilities and helping our PSM partners/customers stay current and competitive.


What Makes Geomni Different

Almost every day a new story appears about another startup offering an aerial solution. “What differentiates Geomni’s solutions are the deep commitment to constantly source fresh imagery on an unprecedented scale, investing in superior technology, our technical capability, and the proprietary data available within the Verisk enterprise,” said Geomni president Jeffrey C. Taylor. “This gives us a comprehensive solution set that is truly unique.

PSM Relationships

Establishing and protecting PSM relationships

In addition to serving customers in the estimated $200 million-per-year insurance market for imagery-based solutions, Geomni is establishing thousands of PSM relationships in the multibillion dollar yearly US geospatial data market. The PSM’s, in turn, serve markets such as engineering, construction, utilities, government, infrastructure, and others. Geomni is looking to serve these markets by working exclusively with and through the professional PSM professionals, whether they work for or own a firm, or are within an agency department. Our goal is to protect PSM’s and their direct relationships to the end users of the data. Combined, insurance, finance, banking, and oil & gas comprise less than 15% of the myriad uses of 3D data. There are close to 7,000 highly specialized firms (and sometimes, entity, or agency departments) that are wholly focused on acquiring, adding value to, or creating analysis from 3D datasets. PSM firms and departments are our channel partners in “the other 85%” of the geospatial marketplace. Geomni provides mapping professionals and departments important terrestrial data that supports their need to accurately record our ever-changing world. From forestry to coastal change, landfill monitoring to landslide prediction; Geomni will be serving thousands of new projects over the coming year—each with a need for the latest technologies in aircraft efficiency, and in sensor advancement. These new capabilities and technological achievements, taken together, are yielding efficiency and effectiveness gains of over 50%, enabling us all to better serve our customers.

Geomni plane

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