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Aerial imagery, dimensions, and structure history for residential and commercial roofs and properties

Discover Geomni Roof and Property Data

Space. Sky. Neighborhoods and city blocks. We use every point of view

available to build our data packages





UAVs (drones)

UAVs (drones)




So Much More Than a Roof Report

Time is the one resource you can't ever get back. Save more of it with accurate, robust

Geomni Data Packages.

The absolute Best Coverage in the U.S and Canada.

We capture and provide up-to-date data for residential and commercial properties from one coast to the other.

Baseline data

1. Baseline data

Our data packages are built on a foundation of established baseline aerial imagery and property data.

Geomni Fleet Aerial Imagery

2. Geomni Fleet Aerial Imagery

The Geomni fleet enhances our baseline data by capturing high-resolution aerial photos and property data.

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Fast Delivery, Whatever the Weather is Like

Fast Delivery, Whatever the Weather is Like


After a major hail or wind event, we'll start capturing and delivering updated aerial

imagery as soon as the skies are clear.


Use XactAnalysis?Save time by setting up automatic data package delivery whenever your personal criteria is met.

What is a Property Data Package?

What is a Property Data Package?


A Geomni data package provides the same information as a traditional roofing

report (slope, roof squares, dimensions) plus critical property details, including material

type, 3D structural renderings, and out-buildings (pools, sheds, etc.).

Download sample Property data package

How does Geomni help my claims handling?


High-resolution imagery and critical structural details aren’t just “nice-to-haves.”The

moment you order a Data Package, Geomni helps you determine what steps to take

before you’ve even deployed an adjuster.

Automate Claims Routing and Decision  Making 1

Automate Claims Routing and Decision

Automate claims handling decisions by setting up
personal criteria and routing in XactAnalysis

Based on your criteria, Geomni notices that the roof

is too steep for an adjuster. XactAnalysis

automatically flags the claim for a ladder assist

or drone.

Triage Damage with Virtual Inspection 2

Triage Damage with Virtual Inspection

Use Virtual Inspection to triage damage by zooming

in on high-quality aerial imagery

The adjuster, seeing that the roof has sustained too

much hail damage to repair, adds a full roof

replacement to the estimate.

Use Assisted Estimating to Resolve the Claim Faster 3

Use Assisted Estimating to Resolve the

Claim Faster

Xactimate Assisted Estimating receives the Geomni

data package and suggests estimates based on the

steps you’ve chosen to take.

The adjuster orders the roof replacement.

Xactimate’s Assisted Estimating recommends an

estimate based on the roof material data in the

Geomni Data Package.

Geomni data in Sketch

A complete property sketch ready to go into your Xactimate estimate

Geomni data in Sketch

Our Products:

Geomni Property

Geomni Property

Comprehensive property data.

Get up to 38 unique data points, including window locations, exterior walls,

and property features like pools, sheds, doors, windows, and more.

See sample Property package
Geomni Fleet Aerial Imagery

Geomni Roof

Looking for roof specifics?

Get: Roof dimensions. Perimeter. Flat ridges. Valleys. Area. Slope. And more.

See sample Roof data package
Geomni Mobile app

Geomni Mobile app

Ground and UAV Inspections - use an iOS mobile device to capture structural

images. Sync with a DJI drone for autonomous flight planning and aerial imagery

capture. Imagery can generate an accurate 3D Sketch model for damage scope and

estimating in tools like Xactimate.®

Download Geomni Mobile Brochure
Geomni Fleet Aerial Imagery

Insurance Underwriting

Geomni high-resolution imagery is used in solutions across the Verisk

organization - including those that provide additional risk information so you can

properly underwrite and rate commercial and residential properties,

including 360IntellView and ProMetrix.®  

Visit 360IntelliView

Roofing Contractors

Geomni Roof Essentials provides roof perimeter dimensions, approximate roof

pitch, and top-down imagery helping roofing contractors scope projects

and create bids. You’ll also receive a 3D Model in Xactimate Sketch.

Need even more data?

Full roof dimensions, area, material type and slope, as well as high-resolution

orthogonal and oblique imagery through Geomni Roof data packages give you all

the information you need for your roofing project.

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Post-CAT Imagery


Get the latest high-definition photos and data after a disaster.

Compare and contrast structural details after a catastrophe. Geomni responds quickly after a disaster weather event by deploying remote sensing aircraft

to capture updated aerial data. We then transform that data into precise structural and property details that customers can access in Geomni Property and

Roof data packages.